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A virtual brunch is the perfect way to get together when you’re apart (or when the weather is just not optimal for patio drinks). Grab some friends and family and celebrate Mother’s Day, birthdays, special occasions, or just the weekend with a delicious menu, drink options, and good conversation.

Virtual brunch

Why A Virtual Brunch?

If you don’t love brunch, you clearly haven’t had the right brunch. Trust me! I’m a brunch convert whose last birthday party was themed to “brunch”. There’s just something about sleeping in a little on a Saturday or Sunday, getting just a little dressed up (or not), and meeting your friends and family for fancy breakfast food, drinks, and hours of chatting.

Not being able to keep up those traditions like brunch can be frustrating and isolating, whether it’s because of distance or just not being able to be together. Building new traditions, like a virtual brunch, can help us stay connected. Plus who doesn’t want an excuse for pancakes and day drinking?

Plan Your Menu

If you’re just hosting a couple of people or family, you could send delivery with some brunch selections to their house, but if you’re not feeling quite that generous or if brunch delivery isn’t available, offer a few easy ideas for a menu.

We like things that are easy to make the morning of or foods that can be made the night before. Try out our Italian breakfast casserole or Crock Pot breakfast casserole.

More brunch ideas:

Don’t Forget The Drinks!

Some delicious libations keep the convo and gossip flowing and make it feel even more like a real brunch out. Of course, those abstaining from alcohol shouldn’t miss out on a tasty beverage, either!

Obviously, our boozy whipped coffee is perfect for brunch. Caffeine with a splash of coffee liqueur? Yes, please. Regular whipped coffee is the perfect treat sans alcohol.

More drink and cocktail ideas:

Save The Date

  • Pick a guest list. 3-5 people is usually ideal for a virtual brunch. Conversation tends to work better with a smaller amount of people, but obviously, invite as people as you want!
  • Pick a platform. There are a ton out there, but people are probably most familiar with Zoom. What’s great is that you can set a time and send out a link or invitation from the site.
  • Send invitations. Yes, of course, you can just text or send your invites from the video conference platform, but we love how fancy virtual invitations are. Check out how cute the ones on Paperless Post are! Etsy is also great for supporting small businesses and artists.

Check out our post on virtual happy hours for more ideas for your brunch. Have a movie showing or play trivia. Pick a theme and make your attendees dress up! Just because we’re apart doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy each other and have fun!

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