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This healthy pink drink strawberry refresher is an unsweetened, Whole30 mocktail made with only three ingredients. With its subtle strawberry flavor and creaminess, it’s super refreshing and hydrating, since it’s caffeine free! This healthy pink drink strawberry refresher is vegan and paleo, too, as well as a great Whole30 mocktail type drink, and totally guilt-free since it’s unsweetened! Perfect with freeze-dried strawberries and coconut milk (<<< click to buy both!).

Healthy pink drink strawberry refresher with freeze dried strawberries, Perrier strawberry sparkling water, and coconut milk

Sometimes magic just happens.

Like the moment I met my husband, and I just knew. I knew instantly! Right away, sitting across from him at South of Beale in downtown Memphis, I just knew we’d get married and have babies and want to kill each other daily for the rest of our lives. Instant magic.

And that first moment I saw my son, and my heart was positively captured. He was so ugly! Wrinkly and stark white and somehow red all at once, with a shock of black hair on top of his head, and a general he-doesn’t-look-like-what-I-thought-he’d-look-like to it, it was this moment of unbearable expansion of that feeling in my chest. Like the feeling you get behind your eyelids when you close your eyes and look up to the sun. Instant magic.

Healthy pink drink strawberry refresher with freeze dried strawberries, Perrier strawberry sparkling water, and coconut milk

And then there was that time when I haphazardly poured together three simple ingredients, on a pregnant, mini Whole30, inspired by the super strawberry-ness of the sparkling water we’d been drinking and simultaneously by the refreshing fruitiness of the infamous Starbucks “pink drink,” on which I’d gorged myself (OK… I had two in a fortnight) before starting our tiny round.

Instant magic.

A subtle strawberry flavor from the Perrier strawberry sparkling water is infused with a classical fruitiness from the freeze-dried strawberries, all capped with a bit of creamy coconut milk, creating a milky, pale pink refresher that’s hydrating, caffeine-free, Whole30, vegan, and totally unsweetened.

While I was inspired by the Starbucks pink drink and its freeze-dried strawberries spiking the rest of the drink with a bit of extra fruitiness, this healthy pink drink is a beverage of its own! With only three ingredients–sparkling water, coconut milk, and freeze-dried strawberries–I feel great about drinking this regularly.

And while you can think of this healthy pink drink as a Whole30 mocktail, it’s really more of an afternoon refresher in my opinion. Thirst quenching and so fresh, it’s my favorite for warmer weather and since it’s unsweetened (and caffeine-free!), there’s no confusion (or “recreation” factor) with the Starbucks pink drink.

Hand holding healthy pink drink strawberry refresher

Can I Use Another Kind of Dairy-Free Milk?

Sure! If you can’t drink coconut milk, then an alt milk is OK. However, if you can drink coconut milk, I highly, highly recommend you use that in this recipe. It’s a bit richer than other alt milks and the subtle coconut flavor works so beautifully with the strawberry.

Can I use coconut milk from a can for this drink?

You can, but I prefer it from a carton. I blend with the sparkling water better and has a generally better flavor for this specific beverage. I almost always use coconut milk from a can for my recipes, but this one just works better with coconut milk from a carton!

Coconut milk pouring into healthy pink drink strawberry refresher

Can I use a different kind of sparkling water?

You can try… but I don’t think you’ll like it as much. I was especially struck by these Perrier strawberry sparkling waters that we got by accident during a grocery order. They’re so powerful with the flavor and they work beautifully here. You might be able to find another type of strawberry sparkling, in which case, you can try it! But I always recommend Perrier.

To make this healthy pink drink strawberry refresher (unsweetened, Whole30, vegan, caffeine-free), I used…


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Healthy Pink Drink Strawberry Refresher (Whole30, Unsweetened, Caffeine-Free, Vegan)

Prep 5 minutes
Total 5 minutes
A refreshing, creamy strawberry drink made with only three ingredients. Caffeine free and vegan, paleo, healthy, and Whole30.
1 drink



  • Pour freeze-dried strawberries in a serving cup then pour Perrier strawberry sparkling water over. Stir well and let sit for a couple of minutes to steep. Add ice to glass then pour coconut milk over. Stir and serve.
    coconut milk in a white bowl is poured into strawberry refresher drink


You can use about 1 cup of any other strawberry flavored sparkling water, including Spindrift!
You can use fresh strawberries in place of freeze-dried, but the pink drink won’t have as much of a strawberry flavor.

Approximate Information for One Serving

Calories: 196calProtein: 1gFat: 7gSaturated Fat: 7gSodium: 133mgTotal Carbs: 29gFiber: 2gSugar: 22gNet Carbs: 27gCalcium: 27mgIron: 1mg
Nutrition Disclaimers
Number of total servings shown is approximate. Actual number of servings will depend on your preferred portion sizes.
Nutritional values shown are general guidelines and reflect information for 1 serving using the ingredients listed, not including any optional ingredients. Actual macros may vary slightly depending on specific brands and types of ingredients used.
To determine the weight of one serving, prepare the recipe as instructed. Weigh the finished recipe, then divide the weight of the finished recipe (not including the weight of the container the food is in) by the desired number of servings. Result will be the weight of one serving.

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  1. Avatar Evangeline Larin says:

    I had high hopes for this, but it ended up tasting like sparkling water with a coconut aftertaste. I was disappointed

    1. Megan | 40 Aprons Team Megan | 40 Aprons Team says:

      So sorry, Evangeline. We have plans to retest this one soon!

  2. love it but no clear instructions

    1. Megan | 40 Aprons Team Megan | 40 Aprons Team says:

      Please feel free to ask any questions you have about the instructions and we’ll be more than happy to answer them!

  3. I really like this recipe! I wish that it could be a little bit less cold, though. 🙂5 stars

    1. Megan | 40 Aprons Team Megan | 40 Aprons Team says:

      You’re welcome to leave out the ice. The sparkling water can be at room temperature, also, if you’d like.

  4. Avatar Dominique says:

    Delicious and amazing5 stars

    1. Molly | 40 Aprons Team Molly | 40 Aprons Team says:

      Thanks so much, Dominique! So glad you enjoyed!

  5. Avatar Jessica Delazari says:

    I love this drink. I am going to make this for my mom on mothers day morning. Thanks for sharing. I had guava flavor La Croix I used that and it came out really good. But next time I am going to get that strawberry sparkling water that you recommended 😊5 stars

    1. Anna Claire | 40 Aprons Team Anna Claire | 40 Aprons Team says:

      Awesome!5 stars

  6. So, I came here to find out how to make a healthier version of this “pink drink” that my kids keep asking for….thank you….but I also fell in LOVE with that part you wrote about your son. Beautiful 🙂5 stars

  7. Could I substitute plain water instead of sparkling water?? I’m post bariatric surgery about 18 months; don’t do much carbonation drinks. Thanks

    1. Hi Julie! The most important thing with the water is that it is just the right amount of strawberry flavor — not too subtle but also not overwhelming. I have always used the sparkling waters, but if you know of a good strawberry flavored still water, it should work about the same (minus the bubbles)! Let me know if you try it!!

  8. I figured the calories at a lot less…am I missing an ingredient? How did you get the 300 plus count?

    1. A lot of that comes from the freeze-dried strawberries (according the program that creates the nutrition info!). I would check the bag you buy to see if the info matches up.5 stars

  9. My coconut milk didn’t mix well. What happened? I used freeze dried strawberries Perrier strawberry and kiwi(that’s all I could find out in the middle of nowhere) and carton unsweetened coconut milk. Help.

    1. I’m not sure because thats all I use as well! Did you try shaking it to mix?

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