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When we say a recipe is “healthy,” that usually means it’s free of refined sugar or flour. It does not imply the recipe is low fat or low calorie. This is a colloquial qualification of a recipe to separate it from “conventional” recipes that use processed foods. We are not nutritionists or dietitians, and you should always contact your doctor or nutritionist if you are unsure if a recipe suits your individual needs.

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What Do We Mean By “Healthy?”

Every person’s definition of what is healthy for them and for their family is different. Our definition means focusing on healthy, real foods. Our recipes focus on real ingredients and homemade elements. We try to avoid processed items and use instead whole, organic foods. Our recipes often swap less healthy options (like a commercial, deep-fried tostada) for a homemade version.

Our recipes are not necessarily low fat or low calorie. Some of our recipes will be “skinny,” low carb, keto, paleo, dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free, Whole30, or vegan. We label each recipe with any diets the recipe fits, and we recommend taking a look at our categories if you are looking for recipes that fit a certain need.