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Try these 5 Best adaptogens for anxiety along with recommended blends to relieve anxiety and help your body cope with acute stress.

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Suffering From Anxiety? Try These 5 Adaptogens!

Anxiety – a buzz word and though often over and misused, it is something that so many of us deal with daily.

For some of us, what may start as an increased heart-rate or butterflies in the stomach turns into a full-fledged panic attack. And that on a daily basis.

It doesn’t matter where you fall on that spectrum, finding tools to help relieve anxiety and cope with acute stress can be life-changing. Research has shown that certain edible herbs can take you from living in a constant state of fight or flight to feeling stronger, more stable and more in control of your body and mind.

Does that sound good to you? We think so, too.

Let’s dive right into adaptogens, shall we?

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What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are non-toxic edible herbs that can help our bodies resist physical, emotional, or environmental stress. They reduce the effects of stress, whatever the source, and have a normalizing effect on the body.

Find out more about adaptogenic herbs over at All About Adaptogens.

Do not expect any drastic changes from one day to the next! Adaptogens aren’t prescription anti-anxiety medications. You won’t take them and immediately notice less stress.

Taking adaptogens can help you function better in stressful short-term situations. Note that they take a while to build up and work on the body. So take them for at least two to three weeks before thinking too much about the effect.

Adaptogens are also not replacements for a healthy lifestyle. Good quality sleep, a healthy diet, exercise, and stress reduction techniques should accompany your adaptogenic supplements. Using these supplements long-term while continuing to live in an unhealthy manner just delays an inevitable crash.


In China, Russia, and Scandinavian countries, people have used Rhodiola root, also known as arctic root in teas to treat anxiety, fatigue, and depression for centuries.

Both traditional medicine and modern research tell us that arctic root not only supports the nervous system, immunity and energy levels but may also help strengthen the body’s response to physical stressors. Physical stressors like excessive exercise or psychological stressors such as fatigue and depression.

How To Take It:

It’s best to take Rhodiola on an empty stomach, but avoid taking it before bedtime, as it has a slight stimulatory effect – not unlike caffeine. 

As Rhodiola is at risk of adulteration, look for third-party certifications like the USP or NSF seal to make sure that your supplement has not been stretched with cheaper, less effective ingredients. 

A dose of 200–600 mg per day is considered effective and safe and you can take it in several doses. Rhodiola has a slightly drying effect so if you have dry skin or a dry cough, for instance, we recommend you go for a moistening adaptogen like Ginseng (see below).

Recommended Product: Toniiq Triple-Strenght Rhodiola Capsules

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Just like Rhodiola, this ancient medicinal herb can also help your body manage stress and alleviate depression and anxiety.

It might be the single most important and valuable adaptogenic herb for both sexes as it helps with all weakness and deficiency conditions.

Researchers have reported that it blocks the stress pathway in the brains of rats by regulating chemical signaling in the nervous system. Human studies have shown a 69% reduction in anxiety and insomnia, on average, compared with 11% in a placebo group

How To Take It:

500–600 mg of ashwagandha per day taken for 6–12 weeks may reduce anxiety. It also helps improve insomnia in adults with chronic stress and anxiety disorders. Ashwagandha has a calming effect and can, therefore, be taken before bedtime.

Recommended Product: Pure Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder 

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Holy Basil (Tulsi)

If you are into Asian cooking, you might already have tried this one. Originally from India, Holy basil is considered a sacred plant by the Hindus and is often planted around Hindu shrines. Apart from its popularity as a cooking ingredient for soups and stir-fries, Ayurvedic medicine uses it as an “adaptogen” to counter life’s stresses.

How To Take It:

Early research found that taking 500 mg of holy basil leaf extract twice daily after meals for 60 days reduced anxiety, relieved stress, and depression. Take it with food to avoid an irritated tummy.

Recommended Product: Best Naturals Holy Basil Extract

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Also known as the “five flavor fruit”, Schisandra berry is mentioned in early Chinese medical texts as an herb capable of promoting overall well-being and enhancing vitality.

In fact, hunting tribes of Northern China would take supplies of dried Schisandra berries on their hunting trips to increase stamina and renew their strength.

Research is fairly conclusive on the fact that Schisandra is a powerful anti-anxiety herb, boosting one’s mood through lowering stress levels and enhancing mental performance.  For those living a typical high-stress, high-performance, malnourished and under-rested modern world lifestyle, it is the ideal adaptogen.

How To Take It

Schisandra Powder: Schisandra fruit is used as an adaptogen at dosages of 1.5 to 6 g/day of powdered product. You can take it at any time of the day.

Recommended Product: Organic Schisandra Extract

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One of the more well-known adaptogenic herbs that have been shown in human studies to have a long-term antistress effect. Ginseng improves physical and mental performance, memory, and reaction time; and has the potential to enhance one’s mood in general.

How To Take It:

Ginseng is generally indicated for daily, consistent use in moderate doses and works best after one to three months. It’s slightly stimulating so we recommend taking it during the daytime.

Recommended Product: Nutra Champs Korean Panax Ginseng

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What About Adaptogen Blends for Anxiety?

Blends are totally ok to use. Just make sure to read the list of ingredients to make sure there is a proper dose of adaptogenic herbs present.

Recommended Product: Emeritt Serenity Adaptogenic Blend for Anxiety Relief

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Final Thoughts On Adaptogens For Anxiety

Why should you even consider a holistic approach to overcome anxiety?

An anxiety condition isn’t developed overnight or caused by a single factor but a combination of things. Everyone’s different and it’s often a combination of factors that can contribute to developing an anxiety condition. Personality factors, difficult life experiences, and physical health play a big role here. 

Apart from taking these recommended supplements, we also recommend looking at the root of some of these issues.

  1. Change what’s stressing you out and let go of what isn’t worth your time or energy.
  2. Try changing how you feel about what’s stressing you out.
  3. Maybe you can change your physical response to stress. Look into the Alexander Technique or other calming techniques.

Who Should Not Take Adaptogens for Anxiety?

It is also worth remembering that adaptogens are not recommended for the following people:

  • People who take certain medications like insulin preparations and anticoagulants. Please ask your doctor.
  • If you are taking antidepressants,
  • consuming alcohol very often,
  • or are pregnant or nursing.
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  1. You note not to take these if you are currently taking RX for anxiety. Are these known to have contraindications or do I just need to consult with my Dr? Also, what happens if you do drink alcohol in them? Can it harm my body?

    1. Every body is different, which is why we really encourage you to talk to your doctor prior to taking any supplement or herb to find out which side-effects may be pertinent to you. It also can depend on the herb itself, as well as which particular medication you’re taking. We definitely aren’t doctors, which is why we recommend speaking to yours! Hope that helped!

  2. Are you supposed to try all 5 of these at once? Or start with one and see how it helps after a few weeks? Or is a combo of them better? Thanks!

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