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No picnic, potluck, or holiday spread would be complete without a platter of perfect deviled eggs. This recipe for deviled eggs with bacon takes the classic dish to a new level, though, thanks to the addition of a couple of special ingredients. Hands down the BEST deviled eggs I’ve ever had!

Perfect Whole30 deviled eggs with bacon

🥚 What Makes This Recipe So Good

  • Deviled eggs are delicious. There’s a reason they’re a classic recipe, a go-to for any potluck, cookout, baby shower, tailgate, or holiday party. Everyone loves them! Deviled eggs with bacon, though? That’s an easy way to take an already-great dish to a whole new level. Just a little crisp bacon adds a slight crunch and a little smokiness that enhances all the other flavors in the deviled egg filling. It’s simple but oh-so-effective.
  • Bacon’s not the only special ingredient here. No, no. I’ve also added a touch of softened butter to the egg yolk filling. What?! Oh, yes. Softened butter helps fortify the yolks, making them impossibly creamy and unbelievably rich. Trust me – once you’ve made your egg filling this way, you’ll never go back to deviled eggs without it.
  • This recipe is naturally keto and low-carb, but with a couple of easy changes, it’s also Whole30-compliant and paleo-friendly. Just replace the butter with ghee, and make sure your mayo, dijon mustard, and bacon don’t contain any incompatible ingredients.
Up close of perfect deviled eggs with yolks piped into center.

👩🏼‍🍳 Chef’s Tips

  • We piped the deviled egg filling into the egg whites, just to give the eggs a little more pizzazz. If you don’t have piping bags and piping tips, there are a couple of other options, so don’t panic! For the piped look, use a sandwich-size baggie and cut away one of the corners to create a piping tip. If you don’t need the deviled eggs to look fancy, you can use a small cookie scoop with a release handle, or even just a regular spoon, to scoop the filling directly into the egg whites.
  • You can totally prep deviled eggs with bacon in advance! Believe me, for busy holidays, you’ll be glad you did. The easiest way to do make-ahead deviled eggs is to prep the yolk filling and the egg whites as instructed. Place the empty egg whites in one airtight container and the prepared yolk filling in another. Refrigerate both containers up to 24 hours. Just before you plan to serve them, fill the egg whites and finish them off with a little paprika and bacon.
  • If you’re making these ahead of time, be careful not to over-season the filling! The flavors will meld together and deepen as the filling chills, so they’ll be much stronger after a few hours than they are after a few minutes. It’s so easy to over-salt the yolk mixture, and that can throw off the entire recipe. Too much dijon mustard can, too.

💬 Frequently Asked Questions

How long do deviled eggs keep?

You can prepare the filling and the egg whites up to 24 hours in advance, then finish them up right before serving! Once they’re filled, the leftover deviled eggs can be refrigerated in an airtight container up to 2 days.

Can I leave off the bacon?

Absolutely! I love the added crunch, saltiness, and smokiness the bacon provides, but you won’t be missing out (too much!) if you leave it off.

Why is vinegar added to deviled eggs?

The acidity from the vinegar helps to make the yolk filling light and moist. Don’t worry – the eggs won’t taste vinegary!

Why are my deviled eggs wet?

If you add too much mayo, you can end up with a filling that’s thin and a little runny.

Perfect deviled eggs on a white plate with smoked paprika on top.

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Recipe By: Cheryl Malik
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Perfect Deviled Eggs with Bacon

Prep 20 minutes
Cook 0 minutes
Total 20 minutes
The richest, creamiest deviled eggs with a crispy, smoky touch of bacon on top! These might just be the best deviled eggs you've ever had.
6 servings


  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board or large plate
  • Paper towels
  • Spoon or small silicone spatula
  • small mixing bowl
  • Piping bag or plastic sandwich bag with one corner cut off
  • piping tip open-star recommended


  • 6 large hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • ½ teaspoon white vinegar
  • ¼ cup mayonnaise store-bought or homemade, see Notes
  • ½-1 tablespoon unsalted butter softened, see Notes
  • salt to taste, see Notes
  • smoked paprika to taste
  • ½-1 slice bacon chopped, cooked until crisp, drained


  • Use sharp knife to halve each hard-boiled egg, slicing horizontally through center of egg as if slicing hamburger buns. Place egg halves on cutting board or plate. Wipe off knife blade with paper towels to remove any excess egg yolk, then repeat process with remaining eggs until all hard-boiled eggs have been halved.
  • Gently scoop yolks out of egg whites and into mixing bowl. Be careful not to tear egg whites. Return empty egg whites to cutting board or plate.
    Empty egg whites next to a mixing bowl of yellow hardboiled egg yolks.
  • Once all egg yolks have been transferred to bowl, stir and mash yolks to desired consistency. For smoothest filling texture, mash yolks until no solid pieces remain.
    Empty egg whites next to a mixing bowl of mashed yellow hardboiled egg yolks.
  • Add dijon mustard, vinegar, mayo, softened butter, and salt to bowl. Stir well until ingredients are fully combined, then taste mixture and adjust ingredients as needed to achieve desired flavor. Note: if preparing filling in advance, stop here and cover bowl with lid or plastic wrap. Refrigerate filling no more than 24 hours before filling egg whites. Refrigerate empty egg whites in separate airtight container.
    Egg yolk filling ingredients in large mixing bowl before being combined.
  • When satisfied with flavor, transfer yolk mixture to pipping bag fitted with piping tip. Work yolk mixture down to piping tip, then twist top of piping bag closed.
  • While gently applying pressure from back of filled piping bag, pipe yolk mixture directly into cavity of egg whites, swirling filling as if frosting cupcakes. Repeat until all egg whites have been filled.
    Egg yolk filling being piped directly into empty egg white.
  • Dust each deviled egg with smoked paprika to taste, then garnish with crisp bacon pieces. Serve immediately.
  • Piping Bag & Tips: If you don’t have piping bags, you can use a sandwich-size baggie. Just cut one of the bottom corners off to create a piping tip! You can also use a small cookie scoop with a release handle, or even just a regular spoon, and scoop the filling into the egg whites.
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs: Check out my simple method for foolproof hard-boiled eggs that are SUPER easy to peel.
  • Salt: Mayonnaise, dijon mustard, butter, and bacon can all add varying amounts of salt to the filling. I recommend tasting the filling often and only adding salt if needed. Be sure to add it in very small increments – you can always add more, but you can’t take it back out!
  • Make it Whole30/Paleo: Use ghee instead of butter. Make sure your mayo, dijon mustard, and bacon are all compatible with your dietary guidelines.
  • Make-Ahead Option: Prepare the yolk mixture and egg whites as directed. Refrigerate filling and egg whites separately, each in airtight containers, no more than 24 hours before filling and serving. Note: if you make the filling in advance, be very careful not to over-season the mixture. The flavors will deepen and intensify as the filling chills, so it’s easy to accidentally over-salt it.
  • Leftovers: Leftover deviled eggs can be refrigerated in an airtight container up to 2 days. The eggs can get a little messy as they move around in the container, so I don’t recommend filling them in advance if you want them to stay pretty.

Approximate Information for One Serving

Serving Size: 2halves (1 whole egg)Calories: 165calProtein: 7gFat: 15gSaturated Fat: 4gTrans Fat: 0.1gCholesterol: 195mgSodium: 356mgPotassium: 74mgTotal Carbs: 1gFiber: 0.04gSugar: 1gNet Carbs: 1gVitamin A: 297IUVitamin C: 0.003mgCalcium: 27mgIron: 1mg
Nutrition Disclaimers
Number of total servings shown is approximate. Actual number of servings will depend on your preferred portion sizes.
Nutritional values shown are general guidelines and reflect information for 1 serving using the ingredients listed, not including any optional ingredients. Actual macros may vary slightly depending on specific brands and types of ingredients used.
To determine the weight of one serving, prepare the recipe as instructed. Weigh the finished recipe, then divide the weight of the finished recipe (not including the weight of the container the food is in) by the desired number of servings. Result will be the weight of one serving.

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  1. Well bacon makes everything awesome doesn’t it?? These sound amazing, and now you have me carving some deviled eggs 🙂5 stars

  2. I loved the addition of butter in these. I’m not sure I’ve done that before, and I think it made a big difference in the texture that I preferred. Also, I love butter. 😉 Thank you, love this recipe!5 stars

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