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Ready to switch to natural deodorant? After many years of trying just about every natural deodorant under the sun, here’s what I think is absolutely the best natural deodorant out there, as well as tips for making the switch!

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After switching to natural deodorant about 10 years ago, I tried a lot of different brands. I mean a lot. I struggled to find one that smelled good, felt good on my skin, and – most importantly – actually worked. After a lot of trial and error, I discovered what I firmly believe is the best natural deodorant out there.

Why This Is the Best

The best natural deodorant I’ve ever used is hands down Primally Pure. I’ve talked about their blue tansy deodorant in the past, which is for inflammation and irritated skin, but I’m a huge fan of all of their formulas.

Their charcoal deodorant is great for detoxifying, soothing, and deodorizing, so it’s great if you’re newer to natural deodorant or just feel like you need an extra boost of B.O. protection. I also love the tea tree for days when I know I’m going to be sweating a lot (95º summers in Memphis, for one!).

It’s also available in geranium, lavender, lemongrass, and unscented.

So why is Primally Pure the best natural deodorant out there? Because it works. Out of all of the natural deodorants I’ve used, it’s the one deodorant I never have to reapply. Some other natural deodorants have texture issues, but I’ve never had those with Primally Pure. If it ever has consistency issues (like if you get it in the mail in the middle of summer), just pop it in the fridge for about an hour, and it’s back to normal.

However, you should be aware that Primally Pure does contain tallow, so it’s not vegetarian- or vegan-friendly.

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The Best Vegan Option

If you’d rather stick to a natural deodorant that’s free of animal byproducts, I suggest Native. While, for me, it didn’t work as well a Primally Pure, it’s still a great option.

It’s available in a ton of scents, including a custom one made based on your personality. All about the pumpkin spice life? Native even has a seasonal pumpkin spice latte scent.

Another great thing about Native is that it’s available in plastic-free packaging, so you can feel good about helping save the environment while you save your pits.

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What You Should Know When Switching to Natural Deodorant

When you first switch to natural deodorant, be prepared – you’re going to sweat. A lot. You may even have a few weeks when you first switch where you’re a little extra, uh, ripe. (If you work from home, now’s a great time to switch!)

So why exactly are you sweating so much if natural deodorant is supposed to be good for you? For one, your underarms are literally detoxing from years of traditional deodorants. As your body adjusts to the new deodorant, it will release toxins.

Secondly, sweat is GOOD! Sweat helps our bodies regular temperature and keep from overheating. So embrace your extra moisture!

Cheryl lying on a towel with her arm above her head, with a charcoal mask applied to her face and her underarm before using natural deodorant

This usually only lasts a week or so, but be prepared! It’ll make your switch that much easier if you know it’s coming. If after a few weeks you’re still experiencing extra sweat and smell, it may be due to other issues, such as your diet, hormones, or that you just need a new scent. If you’re really concerned, you may want to speak with a doctor to make sure nothing else is going on.

Another thing to be aware of is that some individuals may be extra sensitive to the baking soda in natural deodorant. If you notice darkening or a rash on your underarms, you could very well be one of those people. Make sure you are moisturizing your underarms well and use something like Primally Pure’s Everything Spray to help reduce irritation.

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