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Keto! Everywhere you look you are hearing more and more about it. I personally tried Keto back in April and I have the say the results were undeniable. However, in the process, I realized just how stressful it can be making sure you don’t go over that carb count for the day. I have put together this list of 17 keto snacks that are sure to get you through with a little more ease. Some of these are not only keto snacks, but also paleo, Whole30, and vegan.

1. Tarragon Chicken Salad from 40 Aprons

This chicken salad is a reader favorite and is perfect for any summer gathering! You can use this recipe for entertaining or even just a keto snack for yourself throughout the week. This recipe is also Whole30 and paleo. Perfect, elegant, and easy.

Tarragon Chicken Salad with Almonds

An absolutely delicious chicken salad with fresh tarragon and crunchy sliced almonds. Perfect for lunches, bridal and baby showers, or potlucks, this recipe is quick, easy, Whole30 compliant, paleo, and low carb, too.

2. Best Keto Avocado Chips from Delish

Chips…Chips! I cannot tell you how much I missed chips while doing keto. Y’all going to a Mexican restaurant and not being able to have chips was trying to say the least. But these avocado chips are the perfect keto snack fix. These are low-carb and gluten-free!

Best Keto Avocado Chips

The perfect keto snack! Even the kids would love these. 

3. Low Carb Keto Caramel Coated Pecans from Kimspired DIY

Has anyone else walked into a mall and literally followed the smell of those amazing sugar coated nuts that they sell?…No? Just me? Ok, then. Well, I have found my keto snack equivalent in these caramel coated pecans!

Low Carb Keto Caramel Coated Pecans

Learn how to make low carb caramel pecans. Easy candied pecans stovetop version. No baking in the oven required. This is a savory pecan snack recipe everyone loves.

4. Whole30 Sushi – Spicy Salmon Roll from 40 Aprons

This sushi roll gives you all of the deliciousness of sushi without the grains or sugar! You can have this as a light lunch or snack. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Whole30 Sushi - Spicy Salmon Roll

This Whole30 sushi spicy salmon roll is as legit as it gets but with none of the grains or sugar! Made with seasoned cauliflower rice, this roll uses easy-to-find smoked salmon, lots of veggies, and is low carb and keto friendly.

5. Broccoli Cheddar Tots from Linneyville

I don’t know about all of you but I will definitely be trying these very soon. I could see these becoming a favorite for the whole family especially the kids. After school snack, a side dish with dinner, or even a movie night, these would be fantastic for any occasion.

Broccoli Cheddar Tots (Keto, Low Carb)

I miss tater tots. I really do. This Keto recipe for broccoli cheddar tots is as close as I’ve come to that deliciousness. 

6. Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks from Mantitlement

These keto snacks are a twist on a classic kid treat. Did anyone else use to eat ants on a log? Super easy to make and filling enough to even be lunch or dinner, these buffalo chicken celery sticks are great!

Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks

Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks are a totally easy low carb chicken recipe! You can serve them for appetizers, lunch or dinner!

7. Easy Keto Jalapeño Poppers from The Mermaid with Muscles

Jalapeño poppers. I could really just end the description there but I won’t. Perfect for your next party, these have cheese, bacon, and all the flavor you could ever want!

Easy Keto Jalapeno Poppers

These cream cheese and bacon jalapeno poppers are easy to throw in the oven.

8. Perfect Deviled Eggs with Bacon from 40 Aprons

These deviled eggs are simply perfect. They’re easy but a couple special ingredients (hello: butter and bacon) take them up a notch. They’re keto, low carb, Whole30, and paleo, but most of all, they’re the best deviled eggs I’ve ever had!

Perfect Deviled Eggs with Bacon

The richest, creamiest deviled eggs with a crispy, smoky touch of bacon on top! These might just be the best deviled eggs you've ever had, and they're so crazy easy and quick, too. 

9. 3 Ingredient No Bake Keto Peanut Butter Balls from The Big Man’s World

I am into these no bake peanut butter balls. Soft, chewy, and low carb these protein balls only take 5 minutes to make! These are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and also have a paleo option.

3 Ingredient No Bake Keto Peanut Butter Balls

An easy 3-ingredient recipe for no bake keto peanut butter protein balls! 

10. Baked Cucumber Chips with Salt & Vinegar Flavor from Low Carb Yum

Once again I say, the more delicious chip recipes you can find while doing keto, the better. Not to mention, this recipe only takes 4 ingredients. These keto snacks are easy to make and a great alternative to regular chips!

Baked Cucumber Chips with Salt & Vinegar Flavor

Easy to make baked salt and vinegar baked cucumber chips are a healthier low carb snack. And, they are low in calories which makes them almost guilt-free.

11. Healthy Sous Vide Egg Bites with Bacon from 40 Aprons

Inspired by the Starbucks method, once you learn how to make these bacon sous vide egg bites, you’ll make them all the time! Whole30, paleo, and dairy-free, they’re a healthy version, made in the oven, and are an awesome breakfast idea when you’re on the go.

Healthy Sous Vide Egg Bits with Bacon

Rich and creamy healthy, dairy-free sous vide egg bites with bacon, made in the oven with no fancy equipment.

12. Keto Crackers from Certainly Keto

You can use these for cheese and crackers, dipping, or even just as a light snack. The recipe is for simple Ritz-like crackers. But,  you can always add some seasoning to the recipe for more of a snack cracker. There are just so many options with these.

Keto Crackers

These keto crackers can be used for cheese and crackers, for dipping, or just snacking.

13. Coconut-Lime Fat Bombs from Health Home & Happiness

Obviously, I’m going to need these fat bombs in my life. Not only do they blend sweet and tart flavors perfectly, but they are also super smooth because of the coconut cream. They look like little clouds. Love it!

Coconut-Lime Fat Bombs (Keto, GAPS, Paleo)

These dairy-free and nut-free fat bombs are absolutely delicious with their sweet and slightly tart flavor and silky smooth with the velvety coconut cream. 

14. Peanut Butter Fat Bombs from What Molly Made

Everyone loves peanut butter…Duh. These are perfect keto snacks. Made in about 5 minutes you can also freeze them and snack on them all week long! This is my kind of recipe, here.

Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

Made with healthy fats, these peanut butter fat bombs are the perfect snack recipe if you’re trying to incorporate more good fats into your diet. It’s also a great recipe for people who are following the ketogenic diet!

15. Quick Chimichurri Shrimp Skewers from 40 Aprons

These chimichurri shrimp skewers are super quick to make and loaded with flavor, thanks to chimichurri sauce. They’re Whole30, paleo, and keto, too, making this quick shrimp recipe a healthy and easy dinner or appetizer. Just PERFECT!

Quick Chimichurri Shrimp Skewers

These chimichurri shrimp skewers take only a few minutes to make and are so flavorful. Whole30, paleo, and keto.

16. Low-Carb Keto Muddy Buddies from Texas Granola Girl

This takes me right back to childhood. The possibilities really are endless with this snack. You can enjoy these during a movie, road trip, or even give them as a gift for the holidays!

Keto Muddy Buddies

You may call them by a different name puppy chow, reindeer chow, monkey munch, muddy munch but you know exactly the yummy morsel I’m talking about.

17. Chicken Tacos in Lettuce from 40 Aprons

I’ve saved the best for last. Ok…maybe I’m a little biased. These paleo chicken tacos are so easy to make and are a low carb take on the Mexican recipe favorite. These can definitely be a keto snack but are so filling you could also have them for lunch or dinner!

Chicken Tacos in Lettuce Wraps from 40 Aprons

Topped with a rich avocado crema and fresh pico de gallo, these are the best ever low carb and Whole30 chicken tacos. Keto, too!

And if you’re counting grams of net carbs, make sure you bookmark our Net Carb Calculator to easily calculate carbs for a keto or low carb diet.

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