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When you’re low on time and/or energy and just want something easy and delicious, what could be better than a dinner recipe that uses very few ingredients? I’ve put together a list of 125 easy chicken recipes I LOVE, from basic cooking methods using thawed or frozen chicken to full chicken recipes for dinners with sauces and sides. Keep this list handy for the next time you’re feeling uninspired!

Cover graphic for 125 easy chicken recipes for dinners with few ingredients.

Sliced Instant Pot frozen chicken breast on a dark grey plate.

Instant Pot Frozen Chicken Breasts

Cooking frozen chicken breasts in the Instant Pot is just about the easiest way to get dinner on the table! This method results in super flavorful, juicy, and tender chicken breasts that you don’t even have to thaw. Perfect for quickly cooking chicken for another recipe, too

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Frozen Chicken Breasts

A chicken breast, cooked in the Instant Pot, on a neutral plate with a small side salad.

Instant Pot Chicken Breasts

Tender, juicy, and full of flavor, this Instant Pot chicken breast recipe is honestly the best and easiest way to get a perfectly-cooked protein fast and with little effort. Use our simple spice blend or your favorite seasonings for delicious chicken that works as well in other recipes as it does all on its own.

Get the Recipe: Instant Pot Chicken Breasts

A chicken breast, cooked in the air fryer, sliced and plated with a small green leaf salad.

Three previously-frozen chicken breasts cooked in the air fryer then placed side-by-side on a plate.

Previously-frozen chicken thighs, seasoned and then cooked in the Instant Pot, placed on a small white plate on a neutral tabletop.

Chicken breasts, cooked until tender in a sous vide water bath, then sliced and plated on a white plate.

Crispy chicken thighs, cooked in a sous vide water bath, then plated on a light brown plate next to gold silverware.

Top-down photo of pan-seared chicken thighs in large white shallow bowls with creamy risotto.

A chicken thigh, cooked in the Instant Pot, resting on top of mashed potatoes in a white bowl with gravy being poured over the chicken.

A light grey bowl holding large pieces of juicy shredded chicken with a utensil.

Overhead photo of chicken fried rice with mixed veggies in a large black cast iron skillet.

4 chicken pesto sandwiches with tomato and cheese on a plate.

Overhead view of a golden, herb-rubbed whole chicken cooked in an air fryer then topped with a lemon wedge.

Grilled achiote chicken piled on a large round plate with a lime wedge.

3 chicken tacos in lettuce wraps topped with sliced radishes and pico de gallo in a taco holder.

A white woman's hand holding a celery stick used to scoop keto buffalo chicken dip out of a bowl.

A chicken cordon bleu casserole in a large white oval casserole dish, with a wooden spoon holding a scoop of casserole resting in the dish.

Lemon pepper seasoned chicken thighs in a casserole dish with lemon discs.

Top-down view of crispy breaded chicken milanese, sliced and plated next to a small green leaf salad with parmesan shavings and lemon wedges, on a table.

Two chicken enchiladas on a small white plate, next to a casserole dish of chicken enchiladas on a neutral light tabletop.

Chicken carbonara with angel hair pasta in a large silver skillet.

Poppy seed chicken casserole topped with Ritz crackers in a large dish, with a large spoon breaking through the crackers to show the creamy casserole beneath.

Top-down view of chicken fajita casserole with a creamy sauce in a large black cast iron skillet.

An Italian dressing chicken breast, sliced into thick pieces, plated with a small green leaf salad.

Top-down photo of seasoned air fryer chicken legs on a baking sheet with fresh herbs.

Easy sheet pan chicken sausage and roasted vegetables on a sheet pan with a large wooden spoon.

Lemon pepper seasoned chicken wings on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

A large bowl filled with creamy buffalo chicken salad topped with blue cheese crumbles and fresh herbs.

Top-down view of a sliced, jerk-seasoned chicken breast in a large bowl with bright mango salsa and white rice.

Two white bowls holding Crockpot chicken and rice on a neutral table with woven rattan placemats.

Close up of pesto penne pasta with grilled chicken in a large pot.

Juicy brined and cooked chicken wings piled on a platter next to a glass serving bowl of sauce with red pepper flakes.

Two bowls of creamy chicken and rice cooked in an instant Pot on a table with a blue and white striped cloth napkin.

A bowl of cajun chicken pasta soup cooked in the Instant Pot on a dark wood table top.

Two halves of a bean and chicken burrito with melted cheese, stacked on top of each other to show the filling inside.

Top-down view of a large bowl of creamy Mexican chicken salad with fresh vegetables and a large silver spoon.

Top-down look at two bowls of mashed potatoes topped with cream cheese garlic skillet chicken and creamy sauce next to a large skillet.

A large bowl holding angel hair pasta topped with a Crockpot-cooked chicken breast and a rich sauce.

Close-up of a sliced chicken breast sitting in and topped with a creamy Boursin cheese sauce.

A bowl holding a bed of whipped mashed potatoes topped with chicken and a creamy chicken soup sauce.

Reader favorite marry me chicken in a creamy sauce topped with basil and sun-dried tomatoes.

Crockpot marry me chicken topped with basil and sun-dried tomatoes on a bed of mashed potatoes.

A large bowl holding creamy marry me chicken salad with shredded chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh basil on a wooden table.

A white bowl holding shredded salsa chicken cooked in an Instant Pot next to a sheet pan of tacos.

Top-down look at buffalo chicken in flour tortillas with crumbled cheese lined up on a platter with celery sticks.

Top-down view of two bowls of deep orange, creamy, cajun chicken soup on a light grey table.

Two bowls holding white rice and cubed chicken in honey garlic sauce and cooked in the Instant Pot.

Creamy chicken salad with halved red grapes on a croissant sandwich roll.

6 Chicken tikka masala quesadilla wedges stacked on top of eacher.

Bright orange buffalo-sauced chicken wings, cooked in the Crockpot, being dipped into a small bowl of ranch dressing.

Close-up of a corner of a square casserole dish holding a chicken pot pie casserole, with one scoop of casserole missing.

Two bowls of Instant Pot chicken pot pie soup on a table.

Close-up of a chicken breast swaddled in a creamy garlic sauce, resting in a large silver skillet.

A bowl of rice topped with chicken adobo cooked in the Instant Pot and topped with sliced green onions.

A bowl of buffalo chicken alfredo with penne pasta and grilled chicken strips.

A Pittsburgh chicken salad with crisp french fries, drizzled with salad dressing, in a large bowl.

A pile of boneless buffalo chicken wings in a shallow bowl lined with parchment paper.

Three round crispy chicken patties on a plate next to a small green leaf salad.

Top-down view of two bowls holding white rice and glazed orange chicken cooked in the Instant Pot.

A white bowl holding white rice, bright green steamed broccoli florets, sticky glazed chicken teriyaki, and a sprinkle of white sesame seeds.

Close-up of a loaded burrito bowl with cauliflower rice, easy guacamole, fresh pico, grilled chicken, and green lettuce.

Overhead photo of a large white rectangular casserole dish holding a baked buffalo chicken mac & cheese.

Close-up of flour tortilla tacos holding chicken carnitas cooked in the Instant Pot.

A platter of Whole30 buffalo chicken wings with a small dipping bowl of Whole30 ranch dressing and celery sticks.

A white bowl holding classic shredded keto chicken salad.

Close-up of Instant Pot chicken tacos with flour tortillas, lettuce, crumbled queso, pico, and a lime wedge.

Two bowls of chicken stroganoff with tender, thick noodles and a creamy gravy.

A spoon drizzling a shiny honey garlic glaze over the top of a lemon pepper seasoned chicken thigh.

Smoked, dry rubbed chicken legs on a platter garnished with fresh greens.

A baking sheet holding sheet pan gochujang chicken with potatoes and lime wedges.

Skewered chicken spiedini on a grey plate with bright green asparagus and thin pasta.

Tender chicken bryan topped with crumbled cheese and red peppers.

Whole30 buffalo chicken salad scooped into 3 lettuce cups and plated on a round plate.

A white woman's hand dipping a breaded keto chicken chunk into a bowl of keto honey mustard sauce.

Creamy asiago tortelloni topped with slices of grilled chicken.

A large rectangular white casserole dish holding a baked cheesy chicken broccoli rice casserole.

A white woman's hand pulling a buffalo chicken slider away from a sheet pan, with a long pull of melty cheese connecting the sandwiches.

A pan lined with newsprint holding air fryer cooked chicken tenders and a small ramekin of honey mustard sauce.

Buffalo chicken wings cooked sous vide on a platter with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing.

A pile of crispy air fryer chicken nuggets next to a small ramekin of honey mustard.

Sliced chicken breast smothered in a rich garlic herb butter sauce.

A casserole dish holding Mexican chicken casserole with rice, beans, and veggies, topped with avocado and sour cream.

Sliced chicken breast in a large skillet with a garlic butter sauce.

Two white soup bowls holding Instant Pot chicken noodle soup with carrots and rotini.

A crispy, pecan-crusted chicken breast cooked in the air fryer then plated with a small salad and a ramekin of honey mustard.

A cheesy salsa chicken breast being lifted out of a casserole dish.

A Whole30 chicken tender being dipped into a ramekin of ketchup in a tray surrounded by other chicken tenders.

Close-up of Whole30 creamy tuscan chicken in a skillet with spinach.

A tray of crispy chicken parm sliders, with one slider propped up on top of another to show the chicken inside.

Bone-in chicken smothered in a green molé sauce and plated with rice and a tortilla triangle in a large bowl.

A plate of buffalo orange chicken wings cooked in an Instant Pot and plated with a small ramekin of ranch dressing.

Creamy chicken a la king in a large silver skillet with bright green peas and a pair of silver tongs.

A large scoop of cheesy chicken king ranch casserole being lifted out of a casserole dish with a large spoon.

A glass meal prep container with sliced grilled chicken, bright red and yellow peppers, guacamole, and a bed of lettuce.

A whole spatchcocked chicken rubbed with garlic herb butter, roasted, and plated on a platter with green ganrish.

A large skillet containing seared chicken breasts with a creamy coconut lime sauce and discs of limes.

Two chicken burgers, fully dressed, laying on their sides on a baking pan lined with parchment paper.

4 shredded chicken tacos topped with sour cream and toppings, placed side-by-side horizontally in a column on a sheet of parchment paper.

Creamy Whole30 bacon mushroom chicken thighs in a large silver skillet.

Instant Pot pulled bbq chicken sandwiched between two hamburger bun halves with coleslaw and pickles.

Crockpot chicken fajitas, with 4 fajitas in flour tortillas lined up on a white plate with a small ramekin of pico de gallo.

3 ingredient slow cooker Mexican shredded chicken garnished with green parsley in a white bowl.

A spoonful of creamy scallion sauce being dolloped onto an everything bagel chicken breast on a plate.

Sweet potatoes stuffed with shredded buffalo chicken topped with a creamy dressing and fresh herbs.

Air fryer frozen chicken patty sandwiched between two bun halves with a thick slice of tomato and iceberg lettuce.

A bowl of chicken and noodles cooked in the Instant Pot.

Baked chicken tacos in crunchy taco shells, lined up in a baking pan.

Seasoned, baked crispy whole chicken wings on a sheet pan with celery sticks and a ramekin of ranch dressing.

A chicken omelette, folded in half, placed on a plate with spinach, tomato, and chicken spilling out.

Air fryer cooked chicken fries on a sheet on newspaper next to ramekins of honey mustard and ketchup.

Crispy breaded chicken breast being drizzled with truffle honey on a plate next to asparagus and mashed potatoes.

Crispy breaded hot honey chicken with hot honey being spooned on top of the chicken.

Juicy mesquite grilled chicken, with a chicken breast sliced thick to show the inside meat.

5-ingredient air fryer flautas stacked on a plate and topped with queso.

A buffalo sauced chicken thigh being dipped into a bowl of blue cheese dressing.

Three crusted chicken romano on a plate with a sprinkle of green fresh herbs.

A spoonful of ultimate chicken casserole being lifted out of a casserole dish.

Jerk chicken pasta in a large skillet with fresh herbs, red tomato, and creamy penne.

3 burritos suizos on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Copycat chicken costoletta on a white plate with mashed potatoes, green asparagus, and a creamy sauce.

Overhead photo showing 4 jerk chicken tacos lined up on a sheet of parchment paper with tortilla chips and mango salsa.

Copycat chicken savoy on a white serving tray.

Two chicken and spinach stuffed manicotti topped with melty cheese and a sprinkle of minced herbs.

A small white soup bowl of chunky chicken noodle soup on a white tabletop.

Chicken almondine on a white plate with white rice, green asparagus, almond slivers, next to a glass of white wine.

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