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What’s pumpkin spice season without a warm latte or chai latte made with rich, sweet pumpkin spice creamer? This homemade pumpkin spice coffee creamer is ridiculously simple, made with just 5 ingredients and absolutely no cooking, and the flavor is pure pumpkin perfection.

Two clear glass coffee mugs holding a pumpkin spice latte with rich pumpkin spice creamer.

☕️ What Makes This Recipe So Good

  • If you’re anything like me, once July 5th hits, you can’t help but wonder one very important thing: “when does pumpkin spice season start?” Which, of course, quickly becomes “when do pumpkin spice lattes come back?”, because it apparently can’t be pumpkin spice season until Starbucks and Dunkin say it is. So then you resolve yourself to waiting 8 more weeks to get your hands on that first whisper of autumn. Well, NO MORE! This easy pumpkin spice creamer lets you have a nicely spiced, perfectly pumpkin, creamy cup of coffee whenever you want, corporate coffee overlords be damned.
  • Homemade pumpkin spice coffee creamer is a cheaper alternative to the store-bought versions, and honestly, I think it tastes a whole lot better! It’s got just the right amount of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and clove, with a little actual pumpkin flavor, too. It’s not too sweet, either, so don’t let the sweetened condensed milk scare you away.
  • There’s zero cooking involved, and this coffee creamer recipe only needs 5 ingredients – all of which you can find at the store any time of year. The only one that might give you trouble would be the pumpkin pie spice, since it’s not on the shelves year-round in some stores. Its components are, though, so you can easily make a batch yourself, even in the middle of spring. Check out my homemade pumpkin pie spice blend if you need that recipe!

👩🏼‍🍳 Chef’s Tips

  • All you have to do is add all your pumpkin spice creamer ingredients to a jar, whisk them together, and enjoy! If you want an even smoother, even-less-effort creamer, though, you can use a high speed blender instead. Neither method will incorporate the pumpkin purée into the milks 100%, but the blender does make things easier and faster!
  • You might notice the ingredients separate or settle after the creamer’s been in the fridge for a while. That’s totally normal! Just shake the jar really well or whisk the mixture again right before serving, and you’ll be good to go!
  • Be sure you’re using canned pumpkin purée, not canned pumpkin pie filling. The pie filling typically includes added spices and sweeteners, while pumpkin purée is just puréed pumpkin. Since this recipe already calls for pumpkin pie spice and sweetened condensed milk, the sugar and spices in the pumpkin pie filling may be too much. Stick to plain pumpkin instead so you can control the amount of sweetness and spice in your creamer.
Overhead view of two clear glass coffee mugs holding a pumpkin spice latte with rich pumpkin spice creamer.

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Recipe By: Cheryl Malik

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Creamer Recipe

Prep 10 minutes
Cook 0 minutes
Total 10 minutes
Super easy, super delicious homemade pumpkin spice coffee creamer is exactly what your morning latte needs this fall!
24 servings


  • jar with airtight lid
  • whisk or high speed blender



  • Add 1 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk, 14 ounces milk of choice, 2 tablespoons pumpkin purée, 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract, and 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice to jar, or to high speed blender.
  • Whisk ingredients together vigorously until fully incorporated. Alternately, blend ingredients together until completely smooth, then transfer prepared creamer to jar.
  • Secure lid on jar and refrigerate until ready to use. Immediately before using creamer, shake jar to reincorporate any spices or pumpkin purée that may have settled.
  • Pumpkin Purée: Be sure you’re using pumpkin purée and not pumpkin pie filling. 
  • Storage: Refrigerate the prepared pumpkin spice creamer in an airtight container up to 2 weeks. Shake or whisk creamer to reincorporate ingredients as needed before each use.

Approximate Information for One Serving

Serving Size: 1 serving (approximately 2 tablespoons)Calories: 67calProtein: 2gFat: 2gSaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 6mgSodium: 21mgPotassium: 86mgTotal Carbs: 10gFiber: 0.1gSugar: 8gNet Carbs: 10gVitamin A: 263IUVitamin C: 0.1mgCalcium: 64mgIron: 0.1mg
Nutrition Disclaimers
Number of total servings shown is approximate. Actual number of servings will depend on your preferred portion sizes.
Nutritional values shown are general guidelines and reflect information for 1 serving using the ingredients listed, not including any optional ingredients. Actual macros may vary slightly depending on specific brands and types of ingredients used.
To determine the weight of one serving, prepare the recipe as instructed. Weigh the finished recipe, then divide the weight of the finished recipe (not including the weight of the container the food is in) by the desired number of servings. Result will be the weight of one serving.

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