Clementine Margaritas

Clementine Margaritas - The Stylist Quo
There’s only one way you’ve missed the giant boxes of clementines on sale at the grocery store: you’ve been banned from accompanying me, due to your tendency to wander with the basket while I’m carrying 40-pound (seems like it, dammit) watermelons and sneak overpriced bags of treats in while I’m not looking (“but they’re organic chocolate-covered pretzels!”). And I doubt that that’s the case.. unless.. I’m looking at you, O.

Clementine Margaritas - The Stylist Quo
Clementines are the darling of winter’s fruit, sweet and juicy, easy-to-peel, and the perfect size for a quick snack; I’m absolutely obsessed. So I figured, what better way to use up that growing stash we’ve been hoarding than by mixing their juice with, well, tequila? You know that’s better than anything healthy I could offer.

It seems like citrus was just made for tequila, and these clementine margaritas are no exception! The syrupy clementines mixes playfully with the tartness of the lime juice and the salted rim, providing the perfect culinary pillow for tequila. For a less sweet and more tart, citrussy flavor, you can up the lime juice, just depending on your own preference. The sweetness of the juiced clementines makes a perfect late-winter cocktail for me, but this recipe is an easy one to customize to your palate.

I used agave here to keep it whole, but you could use a simple syrup if you like, to taste. Agave and tequila are natural buddies, and there’s no need to frantically cool down that just-boiled simple syrup, just stir it in the mix.

Clementine Margaritas - The Stylist Quo
Make these! You’ll thank me.



  1. […] I wish I could take credit for this recipe, because these are DELICIOUS.  I got it from a beautiful blog called The Stylist Quo.  She takes the most beautiful pictures and has some amazing recipes.  So creative, gourmet, and fresh.  You should check her out for sure.  See the original recipe HERE. […]

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