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Recipe development & food writing: I love coming up with creative recipes that put new ingredients to use, and these recipes can be an amazing way to spread the word about a product your company is trying to promote. Just check out vegan Thin Mints that I worked up for RITZ, this healthy overnight french toast for Eureka!, or this flag cake with whipped cream frosting and Bunny Graham’s for Annie’s Homegrown! I take it as a personal challenge to come up with the most delicious, creative use of your product. I test each recipe three times and include gorgeous photographs.

Food photography & food styling: Are you a restaurant whose menu or website needs a serious facelift? A recipe developer working on a cookbook? A brand in need of some beautiful recipe photos? 40 Aprons to the rescue! I’m head-over-heels for food photography (as you might have gathered!) and know that a great picture of a dish can move mountains–or can at least get people in the door of your restaurant, trying your recipe, or buying your cookbook! I’m local to Memphis, TN but will gladly travel for any project.

Product reviews & giveaways: If you have a product, appliance, cookbook, or other related item that fits into the 40 Aprons approach (it’s gotta be delicious!), I’d love to hear from you! I’m happy to review your product and/or arrange a giveaway for my readers.

Brand Ambassador: Are you a local or national restaurant or brand, looking for a food writer and photographer who can represent you and get your name out? Whether through a series of blog posts or features, recipe development, or social media mentions and posts, we’d love to work with you (and we especially local brands!). I’m available to represent your brand in a way we think will work best for you and your customers. Oh, and have camera and laptop, will travel–let’s not let the miles come between us!

And everything else: Every brand is different, and each relationship I have with a company is unique from the others. If your idea for our collaboration isn’t listed here, that’s great! I love a creative idea. Get in touch; I’d be thrilled to hear from you.

When I’m not in the 40 Aprons kitchen, I work in content marketing and strategy, web design, and branding. If you want to found on the Internet, I’m your gal! Get in touch and we’ll chat. 

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