Vegan Ricotta and Tomato Layered Pasta Bowl

Layered Ricotta and Tomato Pasta Bowl with Tofutti

It’s apparently National The Laidback Vegan’s Tofutti Week! My last post was these unbearably delicious “flaky donuts” with blackberry-cream cheese filling and lemon glaze, and today I’m sharing another recipe I developed for Tofutti: the ricotta and tomato layered pasta bowl. This dish has something of a strange story, and while I try to contain… 

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Cottage Cheese Alfredo

Cottage cheese alfredo. Tastes just like the real thing at a fraction of the calories!

Show of hands: who hates alfredo? You.. there, in the back. GET OUT. You are but a robot amongst us, sent to destroy the empire. The alfredo empire of deliciousness, that is. Uh.. I digress. Another show of hands: who loves the fat and calories in a bowl of creamy, rich fettuccine alfredo? You.. there,… 

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That’s some serious amore.

The slightly extended family came over for dinner tonight, with a “special guest.” Ooooh. Except when my mother said that, she didn’t mean me, even though none of that slightly extended family has seen me since I moved home. She meant my vegetarian aunt. And did she make something vegetarian for that vegetarian “special guest”?… 

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