Killer Reads #4: Apple Rum Raisin Strudel, Dry Shampoo, D&G, Milan Street Style, Nutella Pumpkin Pie

1. Apple Rum Raisin Strudel with Phyllo Dough

Though local to me, the Chubby Vegetarian is well known in vegetarian blog circles, and for a good reason. Look at this unbearably comforting, grown-up, and simple strudel and just die. Just die. Use prepared phyllo dough to make your life just that much simpler and indulge. Go ahead. I told you to; it’s not your fault. Those calories don’t count. Apple rum raisin strudel with phyllo dough – how could this be bad?

…famous last words.


2. Dry Shampoo Trick

Girls who don’t know any better often ooh and ahh over my obnoxiously thick hair, until I tell them it takes approximately 1/2 cup shampoo to wash and 6 hours to dry. Do you blame me for not wanting to wash it every single day? You’d better not. Washing your hair everyday strips it of the natural oils that keep it healthy, but greasy hair is just a major downer. Solution? Dry shampoo, y’all. Joanna at A Cup of Jo uses a fancy jasmine-scented concoction that comes in a vintage-looking bottle with killer graphic design. I, however, use baby powder. I used to just sprinkle it over my roots and try to rub it in, but never seemed to get much effect–just enough in a pinch. However, once I read Joanna’s trick, I started waking up with incredible sex hair/bedhead. My hair was so shiny and soft that I decided to make some of my own, specifically using cornstarch and cocoa powder, as recommended for brunettes. Life was great! My hair had remarkable volume and shine and I was saved the torture of spending a quarter of my day with sopping wet strands. Then I went running in 80 degree heat. The  bit of sweat turned the dry shampoo into a nice, ad-hoc chocolate sauce. Avoid this. Just use cornstarch or baby powder, if you’re planning to sweat at all; letting it soak in all night will rid you of any grey-hair appearance.

 3. Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2013 by the Sartorialist

D&G sort of faded off into the distance for a little while, in my opinion, while kids in small towns everywhere rocked their sunnies–not a good time for anyone involved. Luckily, as the Sartorialist puts it, “Dolce and Gabbana have reestablished themselves as the leader for fashion in Milan”. This collection of photos from the show has such an interesting angle and depth of color; I was inexplicably drawn to it. D&G Spring 2013 is part wearable, part art. Birdcage hoop skirts and overturned basket silhouettes. Lovely.

4. Nutella Swirled Pumpkin Pie

I don’t think this one actually needs any explanation at all, do you? How could you reject the rich nuttiness of the hazelnut playing with the sweet, spiced earthiness of the pumpkin, all wrapped in a silky chocolatey cream? How can you say no to any excuse to make pumpkin pie before Thanksgiving? How could you think that anything off this blog would be short of spectacular? This is my new favorite read–this girl speaks straight to my sweet, sweet heart. Check out the rest of her recipes and make sure you clear a few hours over the weekend to bake your brains out.

 5. Street Style at D&G 2013 in Milan by the Sartorialist

Usually I avoid doubling up on a publisher or blog, but this could not be helped! I see street style everyday on the Sartorialist, but never had I seen any so consistently classic, yet on trend; sexy, yet balanced; grown-up, yet playful. Let’s face it; I’m in love with Milan. Check out this great collection of Italian street style.






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