365 Days of Summer: An Open Letter to Fall Foods

Dear Autumn,

Remember when we used to curl up together, completely contented to just be? It seems like nothing could have drawn me away from you then. You were crisp, cool, and a necessary, long-anticipated change. I was anxious yet easily pacified. Do you remember all of the apple chips and sweaters and huge pots of chili during football games? Do you remember that happening before Halloween?

Because I do.

Autumn, what’s wrong? Have I done something? Did you accidentally see that Facebook post last year about how I thought it was cold that one day? I’m sorry! I’m sorry. What can I say? I need you back. 

Come home.

The Stylist Quo

For as long as I can remember, I’ve waited with bated breath for autumn throughout the last couple months of summer. Something about the drying and cooling of the air seems so necessary after even a few weeks of crippling heat and thick humidity.

Is it just me or does autumn come on much slower and much later these days? Is it just me or is it shorter as a whole? Is it simply my adult intolerance of excessive heat?

Labor Day marks the end of summer for many, though the first day of fall is not until September 22nd. But I’m tired of waiting. If I’m to be wearing a minidress for Valentine’s Day, if I can have a pool party for my birthday in March, I’m getting started right now. It’s official when you’ve made a Pinterest board for all your favorite fall foods. In fact, I think anything becomes official when you make a Pinterest board for it, except that one time I made a Pinterest board about organizing the house. That didn’t happen.

Here are some of the things I’ll be making for autumn, whether it shows up or not. What are your favorite fall foods?

A caramel apple tart from Pastry Affair.

Woody DeSilva’s Championship Chili from Epicurious for which I have extremely high hopes

Guinness Gingerbread from Baked Bree because.. are you serious? You need an explanation?

Roasted Grape and Goat Cheese + Honey Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – though likely with maple in lieu of honey, because we are addicts.

Golden Delicious Apple and Cheddar Turnovers with Cranberries. How do you feel about cheese in pastries? Cheese with apples? Did your grandmammie put cheese in her apple pie? I’ve heard grandmammies do that. But I only have a grandmother, so she doesn’t.

Caramel Apples, the sticky, saucy queen of fall foods. This year, using my absolute favorite recipe from Robert Irvine at FoodNetwork and trying to sand the apples with sandpaper to encourage caramel stickage.

What’s your favorite season for food?


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